About Affiliate App Geeks

Affiliate App Geeks is a free solution to help you in your search for the best affiliate software. What we do here is evaluate and review different type of affiliate software to help every user find legitimate and honest review conducted by experts and real customer so they find the best affiliate software to grow their company. This all began when we realized that every affiliate software has their own pros and cons, and software that might work for one company might not work for the other.

You might be wondering why we spend so much time and effort into testing, reviewing, and comparing each and every affiliate software that could help in your success. Our answer to that is really simple; we want every customer to find the software that would fit their needs. But how do we do it?

  • First, we check each affiliate software if they have all the basic features every affiliate software should have, which are: easy to set up, compatibility with mobile phones, if it’s 100% secured, integration, effectiveness of tracking with or without cookies, multi-tier marketing, personalization, free trial, and free resources. Those are just a few of what we make sure they have, because without these basic features, they won’t be able to help you enough in achieving your goals.
  • From what we come up with, we check real customer reviews, and analyze the reviews in order to be able to remove those that have given their customers too much bad experience.
  • From what’s left, we spend hours on testing each affiliate software and have them tested by our experts and ranked accordingly. We then create different categories to make it easier for you to search for what you need.
  • We also offer you the best of the bests, a complete review of each affiliate software we have, and a side-by-side comparison.

We do this because we have realized that a detailed overview of a product is not enough for every company to decide that its software that would suit their needs, real experiences of people who have personally tried the affiliate software also matters a lot. But we do not stop there, from what customers say about a product, we decide whether software is worth reviewing and testing, and if they pass our experts tests and review then we put them in categories to make it easier for customers to find products that would match their company needs.